We had a rocky start – from hating each other to co-parenting. From a podcast to sharing an office, we have an incredible story; a story where people can resonate with the struggles, the pain and become inspired by the success. We hope you love Baby Mamas no drama Podcast as much as they do.


About Kail (& the chaos) – Pisces – artistic, intuitive, empathetic, impressionable

Kail is the jack of all trades. Somehow she’s got her hand in everything and always willing to risk it all or try things (at least) once. Kail has a bachelor’s degree in communications, but people love to say she doesn’t use it. Instead she wrote a couple books, started 2 podcasts and wants to become a lawyer or join the military when she grows up. Welcome to the shit show.

About Vee – Virgo – hard working, creative, reliable, professional

Vetzabe Rivera, or as most of you know her as “Vee” on MTV’s Teen Mom 2, social media influencer and real estate agent. Vee is also a small business owner of a beauty brand - Vivid Belleza and Rivera Realty LLC where she flips houses an sells properties with her husband, Jo. She is a wife, mom to Velisse and bonus mom to Isaac.